The community of Tuktoyaktuk offers regular recreation programming at Kitti Hall and the Donald Kuptana Sr Memorial Arena throughout the year.

The majority of this programming is offered through the Hamlet’s Recreation Department. Programming such as soccer, floor hockey, baseball, basketball for all ages throughout the year, men and lady’s night gatherings, movie nights for the youth, sewing programs, elder’s activities and traditional/cultural activities are offered on a regular basis.

Check out the 2017 Beluga Jamboree Schedule of events

Check out the Recreation Calendar for information about what is happening.


Both buildings were built in 1985, the Donald Kuptana Sr. Memorial Arena becomes the heart of the community during the hockey season which runs from November to April each year. The Kitti Hall is open nearly 365 days per year with a variety of scheduled events for the whole community.

Donald Kuptana Sr. Memorial Arena Schedule


The Northern Lights Community Pool is the primary venue for youth recreation seven days a week during the summer months of July to August. The daily schedule includes early bird swims, family and public swims.

Several levels of swim lessons run through the summer and the pool has an active youth swim club, the Shakwak Sharks.

The last day for the swimming pool this year was August 23, 2016. See you all next summer!

Pool Fees:
Entry fee for all ages: $1.00/hour
Group rentals: $50.00/hour

Yellow, Orange, Red, Maroon $10.00/session
Blue, Green, Grey, White $15.00/session
17 Years and Over $2.00/lesson

A $50.00 damage deposit is required upon rental request and will be reimbursed if no damages occur during the rental.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Recreation Manager at 867-977-2513.